You are currently viewing Cash Splash 101: How to Make Waves Online and Bank Big as a Novice Course Creator!

Cash Splash 101: How to Make Waves Online and Bank Big as a Novice Course Creator!

Diving into the bustling world of online entrepreneurship? Trust me, we get it! The digital space is packed with creators and coaches all trying to grab a slice of the spotlight.

Feeling a bit lost in the crowd? Don’t sweat it! There are tried-and-true strategies to help even the newest course creators not just get noticed but also cash in. So, if you’re gearing up to roll out your very first online course, you’ve just stumbled upon your go-to guide. Let’s make some waves together!

1. Embody Dogged Determination:

If you’re diving into the thrilling waters of online entrepreneurship, especially as a fresh course creator, you’ve got to have that fierce determination to make a splash and cash in truly! It’s more than just wanting to stand out—it’s about having that fire in you that screams, “You’re here, and you’re going to be big!”

Ever tuned into the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast? If you have, then you probably know Amy Porterfield. She’s not just talking the talk—she’s walked the walk. Drawing from her own adventures, she’s got four game-changing strategies up her sleeve that can make course creators like you truly unforgettable online. And guess what? The secret sauce? That’s right, it’s all about that unyielding determination.

So, you might wonder, what does being a relentless entrepreneur really mean? Well, it’s about going the extra mile, especially when roadblocks pop up. It’s about locking your eyes on the prize and charging ahead, regardless of the hurdles. The ones who truly shine in course creation? They’ve got that grit that sets them apart.

Want to channel that same fierce determination? Kick things off by getting crystal clear about your why and your vision. Dive deep into understanding why you’re crafting this course and how it’s going to light up your audience’s world. Trust me, on those tough days, your why will be your anchor.

Now, mindset is everything, our friend. You have to believe that you’ve got the magic touch—even when things seem impossible. Find your tribe—the people who’ll cheer you on and challenge you to be your best self.

And hey, while determination is essential, you’ve got to pair it with action. Big wins aren’t overnight miracles—they’re the result of day-in, day-out effort. Laser-focus on your goals, take steps every day and don’t be shy to leap out of your safe zone. New adventures? They’re just new chances to grow.

Remember this: bumps on the road are part of the journey. You’ll have off days, or things might not go as planned. But that’s where resilience shines. See those setbacks? They’re stepping stones, not stop signs. Learn, adapt, and, most importantly, keep cruising ahead.

2. Close Loops and Stay Focused:

Dive into the online scene, and it can feel like so much happening, right? It’s like stepping into a bustling market and wondering where even to start. But you know what’s the secret sauce? Close those loops and zero in on your goals.

“Closing loops,” in our world, is all about wrapping up tasks neatly with a bow before jumping into the next cool thing. Think about it as decluttering your desk before the next big project. For you, it might be a quick chat with a curious student, polishing up that last module, or squashing any technology bugs.

Feeling that “yes” moment when you cross stuff off your list? That’s the power of closing loops! It keeps your head in the game and ensures you’re that go-to reliable source. Your students will see that, trust us.

But wait, there’s more. With all the glittery things online, it’s easy to chase every shiny object. New trend? Cool, but does it align with your mission? Stay true to your energy and your students. Keep your eyes on the prize. Who do you really want to help? What’s the big picture?

We are not going to lie; the temptation to juggle everything? It’s real. But you’ve got to channel that inner ninja and slice away distractions. Maybe it’s passing on a collaboration or handing off tasks you’re not excited about.

And hey, always have your ears open. How’s everything going? Getting those high-fives from your students? If something feels off, tweak it. Feedback is like gold.

In a nutshell? Close. Those. Loops. And keep your gaze on the goalpost. It’s like a dance where both moves make the magic happen. Sure, it’s a grind at times, but guess what? You’ll be surfing those digital waves and making your mark (and some sweet cash) in no time!

3. Blaze Your Own Trail:

Guess what? If you’re stepping into the world of course creation, it’s all about blazing your own trail. Sure, there are zillions of online courses out there, and it’s easy to feel like just another voice in the crowd. But here’s the secret sauce: to make serious waves (and cash!) online, you’ve got to stand out and groove to your own beat.

What does that mean? Well, it’s all about owning your unique voice. You’ve got experiences, insights, and quirks that nobody else does. Celebrate that! Let it shine in your content. Show people the real you and make them think, “I’ve never seen it put that way before!”

Now, to truly blaze that trail, you’ve got to know your students. Who’s your target audience? What makes them tick, and what’s keeping them up at night? Dive deep into their world, and you’ll craft a course that’s not just another course but THE solution they’ve been searching for.

Here’s another golden nugget: always be YOU. It’s tempting to ride the trend wave or copy what’s working for others, but long-term wins? They come from being genuine. Your passion and energy will attract your tribe, the ones who totally get you and what you’re all about.

And hey, don’t be afraid to shake things up! Experiment, innovate, and throw in some wild cards. Keeping things fresh and exciting can make you the talk of the online town.

But here’s a reality check: epic success isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. It takes grit, hustle, and a sprinkle of patience. Some days might be tough, but remember, by blazing your own trail, you’re not just building a business; you’re crafting a legacy.

So, are you ready? Dive in, stand out, and let’s make some waves in the online education ocean. Because when you’re brave enough to pave your own way, the sky’s the limit!

4. Tell Gritty and Authentic Stories:

Want to make some real noise online and cash in as a fresh-faced course creator? One magic word for you: storytelling. But not just any stories, oh no! We’re talking gritty, raw, pull-you-in-and-never-let-go kind of tales. The ones that make someone say, “ I feel that!”

You see, it’s not just about standing out in this digital jungle but about being authentic. When you get honest, show your scars and all, it’s like sending out an invitation for genuine connections. And people, that’s golden in this game.

Ever stumbled and face-planted on your journey? Share that! Trust me, it makes you so much more relatable. And it shows everyone that the path to awesomeness ain’t always a smooth ride. It’s the get-back-up spirit that gets the standing ovations.

Now, when you spin a good yarn, whether it’s about your epic win or that time you chatted with someone who climbed the mountain of challenges, you’re hooking your students emotionally. And when hearts are all in, they’re more likely to leap into action.

But hold up! Storytelling ain’t just about you. Bring your tribe into the tale. Ask them what they think, spotlight their wins, or dive deep into what keeps them up at night. If they’re part of the narrative, you’re not just building an audience; you’re crafting a rock-solid squad.

Got a course in the works? Weave those storytelling skills right in! Throw in some juicy anecdotes and real-talk case studies, and sprinkle some relatable moments. When learning meets storytelling, oh boy, you’re not just teaching; you’re creating unforgettable experiences.

To wrap it up, lean into those unfiltered, genuine stories. Show them what you’ve got! Because when you do, not only will you be the guiding light for others, but you’ll also skyrocket as the go-to guru in your world. And who knows? You might find yourself laughing all the way to the bank!

FAQs About How To Get Noticed Online When You’re Just Starting Out

How can you increase your online visibility as a beginner?

There are several ways to increase your online visibility when you’re just starting out. One of the best strategies is to create content that is interesting, engaging, and shareable. Try to write blog posts, articles, or videos that your target audience will find valuable and want to share with others. You can also use social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to promote your content and grow a

What are the best strategies for getting noticed online from scratch?

One of the most effective strategies for getting noticed online from scratch is to create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. This could include writing informative blog posts, creating engaging videos, or even hosting webinars related to topics within your niche. 

How important is content marketing for getting noticed online as a beginner?

Content marketing is an essential element for getting noticed online as a beginner. By creating content that resonates with your target audience, you can build relationships with them, establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and increase your visibility and reach. Additionally, content marketing provides a direct platform to share information about your products or services, allowing you to better connect with potential customers. 

How can you optimize your website for search engines when starting out?

Optimizing your website for search engines when starting out is essential for increasing visibility and gaining traction. One of the best ways to do this is by using keywords that are relevant to your niche in both the content and metadata of your website. This will ensure that your site appears higher in search engine rankings when users are searching for topics related to what you offer. 

Is it necessary to invest in paid advertising when trying to get noticed online?

Paid advertising can be a great way to boost your visibility online, but it isn’t always necessary. There are many other ways to get noticed without spending money, such as networking and building relationships with influencers in your industry. Additionally, you can reach out to potential customers directly by emailing them or engaging with them on social media. 

What role does social media engagement play in online visibility for beginners?

Social media engagement is an important part of increasing visibility online for beginners. Posting regularly on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allows you to engage with your target audience in a more direct way than other forms of content marketing. By responding to comments, liking posts, and sharing relevant information, you can start building relationships and gaining credibility among potential customers. 

Are there specific SEO techniques that are crucial for newcomers online?

One of the most important SEO techniques for newcomers online is keyword research. Identifying relevant and popular keywords that are related to your niche can help you optimize your content for search engines, which in turn will help increase visibility and reach. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that all content is properly formatted for search engine optimization; this includes using headings, subheadings, titles, meta descriptions, and alt text.

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