Attention Course Creators! Future Proof Your Coaching With A.I.

This is your fast-pass solution to elevate your coaching skills, impact, and earnings using the power of A.I.

Introducing the...

Coaching Helper A.I. Program!

Harnessing our 1,200+ hours of A.I. mastery combined with our 8-figure online course sales insights, we’ve hand crafted the ultimate shortcut!

Who Is The Program For?

🚀 Rapid Start Course Creators:

Just beginning your journey?  Ditch the procrastination and excuses. With A.I., you can fast-track your course launch.  Deliver astounding content that does more than just educates, have it truly transform the lives of your students.

💡 Scaling Strategists:

Attention course creators and coaches!  Feel like you’ve hit a plateau? Ready to soar to new heights?  If you’re poised for growth but feel something’s holding you back, this is your launchpad to greatness.

🌴 Freedom Seekers:

Overwhelmed with the daily grind?  Desiring more time and freedom? Rediscover the joy of coaching. With A.I. by your side, reclaim your time, enjoy more freedom, and remember why you started coaching in the first place.

💪 Committed:

You are willing to do whatever it takes to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Time constraints? Unsure on what to offer? Zero experience with AI?

Coaching Helper A.I. is the solution, made just for you!

Here's A Sneak Peek What You'll Learn:

1. Unlocking ChatGPT’s Magic: A Game-Changer For Course Creation (Value: $997!)

In this lesson, We’re pulling back the curtains on ChatGPT, demystifying its magic, and getting you up close and personal with its genius.

Think of ChatGPT as the Robin to your Batman. It will be your virtual sidekick, always ready to help.

After this masterclass, you will know how to integrate it into your daily operations, making course crafting and coaching not just easy but enjoyable!

2. How To Personalize Your ChatGPT Experience (Value: $697!)

Your coaching niche is unique, and so should be your interaction with ChatGPT.

A highly personalized AI assistant streamlining your process, saving you time and resources.

After this masterclass, you will know how to mold ChatGPT to resonate with your coaching niche and voice.

3. The Art of Precision With ChatGPT! (Value: $497!)

Imagine going to your favorite bookstore: You wouldn’t just ask for “a book”, would you? Similarly, clarity with ChatGPT ensures you get exactly what you desire.

In this master class, we will dive deep into how to talk to ChatGPT to get the best results.
Your takeaway? Perfect results tailored to your precise needs, every single time.

4. ChatGPT & Your Favorite Tools: The Dream Team (Value: $597!)

Why limit yourself to one superhero when you can have an entire league?

While ChatGPT excels at content, marrying it with your favorite platforms can be the recipe for reaching your course creation goals.

The outcome? Seamless integration amplified results, and a touch of AI magic in every course you craft.

5. Tips And Tricks To Master ChatGPT Fast! (Value: $697!)

Skip the trial and error.  Dive straight into pro-level expertise with tips and hacks that set you apart.

Get armed with these secret hacks and you’ll be future-ready, gaining that edge that propels your coaching to unparalleled heights!🚀

6. Maximizing Efficiency With ChatGPT Prompts (Value: $797!)

This is the secret of it all!  You will learn advanced tactics and prompt strategies that will set you at the forefront of content creation with ChatGPT.

With these unrivaled techniques, you’ll stand out as a trailblazing content creator, elevating your narratives and content strategies to a groundbreaking new level!

Ever wished for a Cheat Sheet as a coach on how to use A.I., whether you're just starting or scaling?

We're gifting you the keys to immediate implementation!

🎁Here Are The 8 Bonuses You Get! (Value: $1,976!)

1. 🧭 Your Clarity Blueprint (Value: $297)

Use this to nail your digital course topic, style, and price like a pro. Turn your know-how into gold, make your coaching the best out there!

2. 🎓 The Ultimate Prompts To Faster Course Creation (Value: $347)

Streamline your course design, ensuring it’s not just informative, but transformative.

3. 🌟 Audience Growth & Email Marketing Prompts (Value: $297)

Skip the guesswork and jumpstart your audience engagement, turning subscribers into raving fans.

4. 🔍 Expert In A Click (Value: $297)

Eliminate imposter syndrome! These secret prompts make you the go-to expert, while ChatGPT does the hard work for you.

5. 🚀 Lead Magnet ChatGPT Prompts (Value: $197)

Create irresistible lead magnets that not only attract but also captivate.

6. 💡 Amplify Your A.I. - 70 Powerful Verbs (Value: $147)

Harness the full power of ChatGPT. Command its potential with precision and flair.

7. 📱 TikTok ChatGPT Prompts (Value: $197)

Stop posting, start impressing! Use our prompts to turn your TikToks into course-selling machines.

8. ✅ Outsource Lifesaver Checklist (Value: $197)

Quit the grind, find your freedom! This checklist guides you to outsource the right tasks, so you can focus in on life-changing work.

Here's a thought: What if you could buy time? Now, with the power of Coaching Helper A.I., you will see instant results in days that outperform months of hard work.

This program will help you…

💡 Elevate Your Game:

Step into the future now, and be a trailblazer in your niche. With A.I. at your fingertips, you’re light-years ahead!

💵 Get ROI Beyond Belief:

Consider this: Every hour you save is money in the bank. But what if you could also amplify your income streams at the same time? It’s more than just saving more; it’s about soaring!

💪 Unlock True Potential:

Free yourself from mundane tasks and unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency. Indulge in your zone of genius, from strategic mastery to unparalleled creativity.

🚀 Skyrocket Your Client Impact:

Serve double, triple, or even quadruple the number of clients without compromising on quality. With A.I., you’re reaching more people plus you’re transforming more lives.

🌐 Expand Your Offerings:

Dive into new horizons, offer innovative services, and stand out in the market. Become the coach everyone talks about!

🤝 Lean & Powerful:

Scale your operations without bloating your team. Efficiency is the new growth mantra.


For those who are passionate about what they do and are also driven to make a mark.

If you want to elevate your impact, reclaim precious time, and experience unparalleled freedom, then this program is for you!

Prepare to unlock a game-changing edge: your very own secret weapon! Where your unique, undeniable touch – that magic only you can deliver – seamlessly merges with the ground-breaking capability of AI.

Discover The Future Of Coaching And Course Creation!

🌟 Embark on a Revolutionary Journey:

You’re at the intersection of innovation and ambition. As a passionate coach and course creator, you know the power of transformative content. We’re here to supercharge that potential!

Whether you’re new to the course creation world or a seasoned coach, our Coaching Helper A.I. Program is designed to break barriers.

Say goodbye to procrastination, feel unstuck, and embrace the power of efficient content creation.

🌱 Grow, Thrive, and Make an Impact:

With cutting-edge tools and strategies at your fingertips, watch your content flourish, your courses sell, and your students thrive.

Dive in and redefine what’s possible. This is where your next chapter begins.

The Time Is Now!

You are at the right place…

If You Are Seeking The Ultimate Game-Changer:

This program is designed to help you dive into the fastest and most efficient path to reclaim your freedom through coaching but also to exponentially amplify your impact and income.

If You Are Ready To Unleash Your Potential:

Our program isn’t just about coaching; it’s about revolutionizing it. Witness a transformation as you enjoy unparalleled time freedom, supercharge your income, and rekindle your passion for coaching. Say goodbye to delays and hello to momentum!

If You Are Tired Of Saying "Someday":

Procrastination is yesterday’s news. Why crawl when you can soar? With the power of AI by your side, months of work can be condensed, ensuring you stay ahead and remain the best in the game.

If You Want To Take Advantage Of This Revolution:

The coaching world is evolving, and AI is leading the charge. This isn’t just another tool; it’s the quantum leap that the industry has been waiting for.

Reshape Your Coaching Destiny With The Magic Of A.I.

Over $6,258!

Unlocking ChatGPT’s Magic:
A Game-Changer For Course Creation
Value: $997!

How To Personalize Your ChatGPT Experience Value: $697!

The Art of Precision With ChatGPT! Value: $497!

ChatGPT & Your Favorite Tools: The Dream Team Value: $597!

Tips And Tricks To Master ChatGPT Fast! Value: $697!

Maximizing Efficiency With ChatGPT Prompts Value: $797!

🎁 Act NOW, and You'll Also Get These 8 Fast Action VIP Bonuses: 🎁 Additional Bonus Value: $1,976!

Total Real-World Value: $6,258

But for a limited time, you're getting all of this... for a fraction of the price!

Imagine where you’d be a month from now with these tools in your arsenal.

Start Your Own Online Digital Coaching Course Today With The Coaching Helper AI Program! - Progress Tribe

Here's a reality check you might not want to hear, but you need to: The A.I. revolution is not on the horizon; it's here, knocking at your door. And it's not waiting!

Right now, you have two options:

1. Evolve With A.I.:

Embrace the future and harness its unparalleled power.

2. Resist And Get Left Behind:

Watch as your peers and competitors soar ahead, leaving you grappling in the dust.

Reshape Your Coaching Destiny With The Magic Of A.I.

🔥 URGENT Realization:

Every second you contemplate, the AI tide rises, and the gap widens. While it’s new, and yes, there’s a learning curve, the early adopters are already reaping the massive rewards and setting new industry standards.

🚫 Risky Business:

Hesitation isn’t just stagnation; it’s a step backward. From global powerhouses to local freelancers, the integration of AI is rapidly becoming non-negotiable. To ignore it? It’s akin to choosing obsolescence.

⏰ Now Or Never:

The digital sand in the hourglass is running out faster than you think. You’re at a pivotal moment, a crossroads that will define your coaching legacy.

🔮 Future-Proof Your Passion:

Make a choice that ensures your voice, your expertise, and your courses aren’t just relevant but revolutionary. Dive into AI, and your tomorrow is not just secure but luminous.

Its Your Move Now...

The countdown is on, and the future is unforgiving to those who dawdle.

Seize this moment, and rewrite your destiny in the world of coaching and course creation.

Will you be a pioneer or a relic? The decision is yours, and the clock is ticking…

Still Here?
You're here, reading this, for a reason…

Ever felt the tug of something transformative on the horizon?

That feeling is nudging you, urging you to embrace the next big thing? Yep, we’re talking about A.I.

Maybe it’s that soft persistent voice that murmurs,

“Imagine the possibilities…” or “Dive into the future now…” or even, “You’ve always been a trailblazer.”

Trust In That Intuition!

Embracing A.I. isn’t just about keeping up with the times. It’s about pioneering them.

But if the vast universe of A.I. feels overwhelming, daunting, or just plain confusing, fear not! We’ve been there.

That’s precisely why this platform exists: to give visionary souls like you a clear, intuitive path into the incredible world of A.I.

Remove All The Guesswork!

Make the “I’ll look into it someday…” be today!  Right now, you can take that leap and seamlessly integrate A.I. into your coaching and courses.

Your audience craves innovation. Your courses deserve that cutting-edge advantage. You are destined for monumental impact.

Coaching Helper AI 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

💥 100% Zero-Risk, All Reward: Our Unshakeable Promise to You! 💥

Dive in with absolute peace of mind!  We wholeheartedly believe this transformative program will redefine your coaching journey, skyrocketing your efficiency and impact.

So much so that you’re safeguarded with a zero-strings-attached, 14-day money-back guarantee.  Without hoops or hurdles.  Just pure, undeniable confidence.

🌟 Are you ready to soar? 🚀

Let me say this upfront, the Coaching Helper AI Program is the most comprehensive, effective, and affordable way to start and launch your digital online course for those who are committed to bring their dream business into reality.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied within the 14 days from the day of your purchase, just send us an email at He**@Pr***********.com for a prompt refund!

So what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing!

Below are some questions people asked before purchasing the Coaching Helper A.I. Program:

Yes we do offer a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our services within 14 days from the date that you get signed up with us!  Just send us a quick email for a prompt refund.

Just to let you know, we kinda go waaaaay above and beyond to help out everyone that has gotten this set up with us… because we know how it is starting up and we totally treat everyone how we wished someone would treat us!

As soon as you make a payment, you  will get a welcome email from us with the next steps.

That is okay, when I first started, I did not have an existing base of customers too but the beauty of the internet is that you can advertise on mediums such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube to acquire new customers.

Once you make your payment, you will email you within 24 hours to get started.

There are not any needed from us but the different A.I. software companies we teach you how to use do have either monthly or yearly fees that they charge.

Some do offer free plans as well.

We do not guarantee that you will make any money by purchasing the Coaching Helper AI Program.  The purpose of the program is to help you start and launch your own digital coaching business by teaching you how to use the power of AI strategies that we have used to grow our own business.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as patience, consistent effort, and action.

Orphanage That Progress Tribe Helps

Yes! It's your time to leave your legacy!

Ready to bet on yourself and start your own online digital coaching course?

When you invest in yourself and become an entrepreneur, you are not only helping yourself but you are also inspiring others in your community!

As an entrepreneur, your business is your gift. It’s your opportunity to do more for others and give back to causes that you are passionate about.

We are are proud and passionate about giving back to orphanages, a dialysis clinic giving free treatments, and digging new wells to get fresh clean water in Kenyan villages.

This is all possible because of our own digital businesses and from helping many others to reach their dreams of launching their own digital course too!

If you have read this far you owe it to yourself
to honestly ask yourself this one question…

What if this is the help that I have been praying for and wishing for?

With our 14 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Let Me In!

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